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The Augusta Tech Campus Store

The Augusta Tech Campus Store is located in the Student Services (1300 Building) on the Augusta campus of Augusta Technical College. We are a member of NACS (National Association of College Stores) and GACS (Georgia Association of College Stores.) This has allowed us to become a valuable resource for our students, faculty and staff members. We are also open to the public.

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Got Used Books to Sell? Please visit our Virtual Sellback Website.


New and used books are available for sale along with a great variety of other merchandise such as school supplies, apparel and other gift items.

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Helpful Suggestions

It is strongly recommended that new students attend all classes on the first day of the term to obtain a complete list of textbooks and supplies needed.

Always bring your class schedule or syllabus with you when you come to the Bookstore. This will greatly help us to sell you the correct books.

Used Books

Yes. We  do sell used books.  They are subject to availability and are first come, first served.

Used books are 25% less than the price of a new book.

The best opportunities to purchase used books are during the buyback or during the first week of each new term. Remember, we depend on our students to sell their books back here in order to have used books to sell to other students.

Buyback Time Frames

The Augusta Campus Buyback is usually the last 3 days and first 2-3 days of each new term.* 

There are also periodic buybacks scheduled for the Thomson and Waynesboro campuses. 
Keep an eye on our website for dates and times of all upcoming buyback.

* Buyback time frames can vary. Please check the posted schedules on the website.

Buyback FAQs

Using Your Financial Aid

Below is a listing of the different kinds of financial aid that can be used and the items that can be purchased.

  1. HOPE GED - Books and supplies.
  2. PELL - Books, supplies, and book bags/backpacks.
  3. WIA (Richmond/Burke Counties) - Required books only - No supplies.
  4. WIA (East Central Consortium) - Required books only - No supplies.
  5. VA Rehab (VA) - Required books only. $25 supply limit. Students are responsible for the exact amount of supply allotment. One time visit. May include a calculator. May not charge a book bag unless proper signature is provided. This is in addition to the $25 in supplies. All charges go directly to VA Rehab.
  6. Third Party (TPTY) - Required books only with the exception of TAA. See below.
  7. Third Party (TAA) - Required books and $25 in supplies; including a calculator if needed. Contact Sonya Ellis in Student Accounts for further explanation.

    * If you have any questions about your Pell or Loan amounts, you must see the Financial Aid Office.
    ** Financial aid can only be used in the Bookstore up to the date listed on your Account Detail by Term printout. This is available through your Augusta Tech Smartweb account.    

Return Policy

A full refund will be made subject to the following conditions:

  • New or used books must be returned or exchanged within one week from date of purchase.
  • Refunds on all items purchased by check require a ten-business day waiting period from date of purchase.
  • A Student ID Card or Picture ID and original cash register receipt is required for any returns or exchanges.
  • Defective new books will be exchanged at no charge. Used books are not guaranteed. 
  • Refunds will not be made on non-required books, supplies, general merchandise, backpacks, clothing or candy/snacks. 
  • No refund or exchange on any novel or trade book without drop form from Admissions.
  • New books that are purchased must be in NEW condition to be returned. This means that they should be: 
  • Free of all marks. (pencil, ink, highlighter, etc.) 
  • Shrink-wrapped material and/or sealed codes must be unopened and unused. 
  • Any software (CDROM etc) included with the book must be unopened.