Academic Advising

Augusta Technical College recognizes that advising is an integral part of the student’s college education. Academic Advising is the process of helping students match the College's resources to their needs and goals so that they get the maximum benefit from their college experience and, at graduation, are prepared for life after college.  An essential goal of the advising process is for students to gain self-understanding that will assist the student in making informative decisions regarding academic, career, and life goals.

Based on program of study, every student at Augusta Technical College is assigned a Program Advisor. Program Advisors are instructors who teach within the same field of interest as the student's program of study.  Program advisors are able to not only guide students through increasing knowledge and developing skill in their respective academic disciplines; but also hold unique positions in which they are able to guide students in developing overall educational and career plans.  In addition to Program Advisors, Academic Advisors and Navigators assist students with getting started and navigating the college process.

Advisement of New Students

New Students are advised by an Academic Advisor in the Division of Student Affairs. New students will meet with an Advisor after being accepted to the college. The Academic Advisor will assist in reviewing test score results, transfer credit evaluated by the Registrar’s Office, develop a first semester schedule, and assist with registering the student for classes.    

Advisement of Currently Enrolled Students

Students currently enrolled at Augusta Tech are advised by Program Advisors based on their program of study. To find your Program Advisor’s contact information, view the Program Advisor List or search the Faculty/Staff Directory.

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Please Note:  Academic Advisors will make suggestions and recommendations on how a student may achieve the goals he/she has set, however, it is the ultimate responsibility of the student to meet the requirements of their chosen program.

For information on Augusta Technical College’s academic policies, please visit the College Catalog.