Board of Directors

State Board of the Technical College System of Georgia

Augusta Technical College is under the governance of the State Board of the Technical College System of Georgia (State Board).  The State Board is the legal body responsible for providing overall policy for the management of Georgia's technical colleges as stated in State Board policy as well as the Official Code of Georgia Annotated (O.C.G.A.). The State Board provides overall policies for the management of the System and the individual Technical Colleges to ensure that the needs of the citizenry, business, and industry are met to the highest possible degree and in the most cost-effective and efficient manner. In accordance with Article I, Section 2 of its bylaws, the State Board consists of not less than one member from each of the 13 congressional districts and nine at-large members who are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate for five-year terms. Members represent business, industry, or economic development.

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Board of Directors of Augusta Technical College

Members of the Augusta Technical College local board of directors are nominated for their positions by area industry and educational officials and approved by the State Board of the Technical College System of Georgia. The Board of Directors meets monthly to interpret the State Board policies and provide supplemental policies to ensure that the needs of the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) are met. Responsibilities include reviewing and approving goals and objectives, short-range and long-range plans, facilities expansion, program additions and changes, and the annual budget before submission for approval by the State Board. View the Board of Directors By-Laws for more information.

Mr. Jon Dollan, a Caucasian male with short grey and brown hair smile wearing a white collared shirt, gold tie with white dots, and a black suit jacket in front of a grey background.
Mr. Jon Dollan, Vice Chairman Elect
Columbia County


Pat Goodwin, a Caucasian female with short brown hair wearing gold earrings, a cream sweater, and a red cardigan.
Ms. Patricia Goodwin
Columbia County


Dr. Howie Gunby, an African American male wearing a grey suit with a white collared shirt and a grey and white plaid tie with a single stripe of red.
Dr. Howie Gunby
Lincoln County


Mr. Ashley Moore, Jr.
Burke County

Ms. Katrell Nash, an African American female with long caramel colored hair, smiles wearing a pink suit jacket on a grey background.

Ms. Katrell Nash
Richmond County


Tammy Shepherd, a Caucasian female with short blonde hair wearing gold earrings,a silver necklace with a blue stone, a white shirt with blue patterns, and a blue suit jacket.
Mrs. Tammy Shepherd
Columbia County
Mr. Derric Terrentine, an African American male, smiles wearing a light blue collared shirt and burnt orange tie with a light grey suit jacket on a grey background.
Mr. Derric Terrentine
Columbia County
Mr. Nicholas Wood, a Caucasian male, smiles wearing a black suit with a white button down shirt and a green tie decorated with white apple symbols.

Mr. Nicholas Wood, Chairman
McDuffie County

Harold Wright, an African American male wearing a grey suit jacket with a maroon collared shirt, a gold tie with black dots, and glasses.
Mr. Harold Wright
Richmond County


Dr. Jermaine Whirl, an African American male wearing a grey suit jacket, a light blue collared shirt, black rimmed glasses, and a cerulean blue tie. A gold pin is on his suit jacket lapel.
Dr. Jermaine Whirl, Board Secretary

Board of Directors
2024 Meeting Calendar






January 10, 2024 Board of Directors Augusta Campus 12 noon Agenda - PDF
February 14, 2024 Board Retreat TBD 8:30 AM - 2:00 PM  
March 2024 Committee Meetings TBD TBD  
April 24, 2024 Board of Directors Burke Site 12 noon Agenda - PDF
May 22, 2024 Board of Directors JA Discovery Center 12 noon Agenda - PDF
June 26, 2024 Board of Directors Augusta Campus 12 noon Agenda - PDF
August 21, 2024 Board of Directors Augusta Campus 12 noon  
September 25, 2024 Board of Directors McDuffie Site 12 noon  
October 2024 Committee Meetings TBD TBD  
November 20, 2024 Board of Directors Georgia Cyber Center 12 noon  
December 18, 2024 Board of Directors & Foundation Trustees Joint Meeting TBD 12 noon  

NOTE: Dates subject to change. (2024 Board Calendar - PDF)


APPEARANCE BEFORE THE LOCAL BOARD: Individuals or groups wishing to appear before the Local Board must make their request in writing to the President at least ten (10) days in advance of the meeting.


Ms. Gabriella Nanes, a Caucasian female, smiles at the camera wearing a green shirt with a black dress jacket.




Ms. Gabriella Nanes, Local Board Liaison
Executive Assistant to the President
Phone: 706.771.4005