Organizational Chart

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Office of the President

  • Board of Directors
  • President
    Dr. Jermaine Whirl
    • Director for Marketing and Public Relations
      Kimberly Holden
    • Executive Assistant
      Wanda Gothie
    • Provost
      Dr. Melissa Frank-Alston
    • Vice President for Administrative Services
      Sherrick Johnson
    • Vice President for Economic Development
      Mrs. Julie Langham
    • Vice President for Institutional Advancement
      Cheryl Ciucevich
    • Vice President for Student Affairs
      Dr. Nichole Spencer
+Academic Affairs and Institutional Effectiveness and Research
  • Provost
    Dr. Melissa Frank-Alston
    • Administrative Assistant
    • Assessment Coordinator
    • Assistant Vice President
      Johnica Mitchell
      • PBI Coordinator
        Anitra Bosley
        • Academic Navigator
          Lashundrea Greene
        • Center for Business Excellence
          Ashley Dieterich
        • PBI Coordinator
          Shirley Walker
        • Success Center Coordinator
          Shanan Glenn
      • Workforce Development Coordinator
        Mylinthia Kelly
      • Institutional Research Coordinator
        Jumoke Adewunmi
    • Compliance Coordinator
      Kittie Clark
    • Dean for Academic Affairs
      John Richardson
    • Dean for School of Arts and Sciences
    • Dean for School of Aviation, Industrial and Engineering Technology
      Quentin Cooks
    • Dean for School of Business
      Elizabeth Julian
    • Dean for School of Cyber and Design Media
      Tamara O'Brien
    • Dean for School of Health Sciences
      Dr. Kristie Searcy
    • Dean for School of Public and Professional Services
      Kellie McElroy Hooper
    • PBI Project Coordinator
+Distance Education
  • Dean for Academic Affairs
    John Richardson
    • Director for Distance Education
      Mark Lariscy
      • Instructional Design Specialist
+Information Technology
  • Assistant Vice President for Research and Technology
    Johnica Mitchell
    • Director for Information Technology
      Pete Wilkinson
      • Banner Functional Manager
        Paul Edenfield
      • Technology Support Specialists
        Derrick Gordon
        Johnny Stewart
      • Network Administrator
        Eric Bennett
      • System Administrator
        Keith Craw
+Library Services
  • Dean for Academic Affairs
    John Richardson
    • Director for Library Services
      Katrina Cooks
      • Library Assistant
        Holly Proce
      • Librarian (Thomson Campus)
        Kamesha Bradham
      • Librarian (Waynesboro Campus)
        Susanna Joyner
+School of Arts and Sciences
  • Dean
    • Administrative Support Assistant
      Patty Poppell-Richey
    • Department Chair for Biology and Physics
      Dr. Cynthia David
    • Department Chair for English and Humanities
      Mark Ristroph
    • Department Chair for Mathematics
      Paul Visintainer
    • Instructors for Biology
      Lopamudra Agarwal
      Sarah Osborn
      Dr. Soheir Rizk
      Shaista Tarannum
      Gabriel Swenson
    • Instructor for Economics
      Emmanuel Welbeck
    • Instructors for English
      Brittanie Blunt
      Julie Jones
      Ryan Lutz
      Kimberly Strickland
      Tammy Thomas
      Kelsey Trimble
    • Instructor for Humanities
      Charles Barreras
    • Instructors for Mathematics
      Thomas Hippchen
      Warren Miller
      James Scogin
      Dr. David Sichuga
    • Instructors for Psychology
      Nicole Crawley
      Suzette Rynier
      Dr. Lillian Williams
    • Instructor for Speech, English, and Theatre
      Jayson Akridge
    • Instructor for History
      Matthew Dittman
+School of Aviation, Industrial and Engineering Technology
  • Dean
    Quentin Cooks
    • Administrative Support Assistant
      Nancy Crew
    • Department for Air Conditioning Technology
      Christopher James
    • Department Chair for Architectural Drafting
      Thelma Mack
    • Department Chair for Automotive Technology
      Christopher Davis
    • Department Chair for Aviation
      Michael Lockaby
    • Department Chair for Chemistry
      David Maryniak
    • Department Chair for Electrical Computer Engineering Technology
      Hubert Riley
    • Department Chair for Electrical Systems Technology
      Darryl Smith
    • Department Chair for Industrial Systems Technology
      Karen Abraham
    • Department Chair for Mechanical Engineering Technology
      Warren overton
    • Department Chair/Instructor for Mechatronics
      Theodore Herlo
    • Department Chair for Nuclear Engineering Technology
      John Tucciarone
    • Department Chair for Welding & Joining Technology
      Jason Hansbro
    • Instructor for Chemistry
      Dr. Alexis Rivera-Montalvo
    • Instructor for Air Conditioning Technology
      Shaun Blocker
    • Instructors for Automotive Technology
      Kevin Bryant
      Robert Townsend
    • Instructors for Aviation
      Clifton Pace
      Joseph Turner
    • Instructor for Electrical Computer Engineering Technology
      Kim Gaines
    • Instructor for Electrical Systems Technology
      Joe Green
    • Instructor for Industrial Systems Technology
      Grady Dixon
    • Instructor for Nuclear Engineering Technology
      Abdullah Kendoush
    • Instructors for Welding & Joining Technology
      Chase Hollis
      Josiah Ki
      Donovan LeDee
      Richard Swinimer
    • Instructor for Mechanical Engineering
      Dr. FNU Hasan
+School of Business
  • Dean
    Elizabeth Julian
    • Administrative Support Assistant
      Maureen Jones
    • Department Head for Accounting
      Vicki Vandervelde
    • Department Head for Business Management
      Patrick McCormack
    • Department Head for Business Technology
      LeAnne Lovering
    • Department Head for Marketing Management
      Kevin Ward
    • Instructor for Accounting
      Miriam Holtzclaw
    • Instructors for Business Management
      Gary Pulliam
      Edward McIntyre
    • Instructors for Business Technology
      Tiffany Rowe-Thomas
      A. Denise Walker
+School of Cyber and Design Media
  • Dean
    Tammy O'Brien
    • Administrative Assistant
      Emetra Dinkins
    • Department Head for Computer Programming
      Niki Giles
    • Department Head for Design and Media Production
      Sherrie Rowe
    • Department Head for Networking/Instructor for Cyber and Cyber-Related
      Patrick Riley
    • Director for Cyber Institute
      Jim Poarch
    • Instructor for Computer Programming
      Prescott Lerch
    • Instructor for Computer Support Specialist/Cyber and Cyber Related
      Michelle Campbell
    • Instructor for Cyber and Cyber Related
      Jason Edmondson
      Brady Nielsen
      Vianne Prowse
      Dedrick Scott
      Chester Smith
      Gail Volz
    • Instructor for Design and Media Production
      Jason Dixon
    • Instructor for Network/Cyber and Cyber Related
+School of Health Sciences
  • Dean
    Dr. Kristie Searcy
    • Administrative Support Assistant
      Leslie Dent
      Arestine Kelly
      Stracy Nixon
    • Department Chair for Associate Degree Nursing
      Ebony Story
    • Department Chair for Health Information Management Technology
      Sonya Burns
    • Department Chair for Physician Practice Management
      Karon Walton
    • Department Head for Cardiovascular, Echocardiography, and Vascular Technology
      Elisabeth Frails
    • Department Head for Dental Assisting
      Sharon Jones
    • Department Head for Diagnostic Medical Sonography
      Kristi Flowers
    • Department Head for Health Care Assistant Program
    • Department Head for Health Information Management Technology
      Latina Jackson
    • Department Head for Occupational Therapy
      Pamela Hartle
    • Department Head for Pharmacy Technology
      Adrienne Guy
    • Department Head for Practical Nursing
      Ebony Story
    • Department Head for Radiologic Technology, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and Computed Tomography
      Marciette Perdue
    • Department Head for Respiratory Care
      Natasha Glover
    • Department Head for Surgical Technology and Central Sterile Supply Processing Technician
      Coretta Gothie
    • Instructors for Associate Degree Nursing
      Patricia Burford
      Lacey Julian
      Reshica Lewis
      Morgan Tubman-Jackson
    • Instructor for Diagnostic Medical Sonography
      Autumn Milburn
    • Instructor for Echocardiography
      Charles Pope, III
    • Instructors for Medical Assisting
      Shannon Burnside
      Stephanie Lanier
      Alberta Mobley
      Linda Ransom
    • Instructor for Medical Coding
      Bettina Harris-Redd
    • Instructors for Occupational Therapy
      Valarie Chapman
    • Instructor for Pharmacy Technology
      Jameda Davis
    • Instructors for Practical Nursing
      Tamara Alicea
      Gertrude Avery-Dunn
      Demetrial Chandler
      Michelle Culbreath
      Sierra Langham
    • Instructor for Radiologic Technology
      Amber Anderson
    • Instructors for Respiratory Care
    • Instructor for Surgical Technology
      Heather Eagle
    • Instructor for Vascular Technology
      Harriett Evans
+School of Public and Professional Services
  • Dean
    Kellie McElroy Hooper
    • Administrative Support Assistant
      Amanda Bryant
    • Department Chair for Barbering
      Marcello Hightower
    • Director for Basic Law Enforcement
      Eric Snowberger
    • Department Chair for Cosmetology
      Devon Dickerson
    • Department Head for Criminal Justice Technology
      Sean Joiner
    • Department Head for Early Childhood Care & Education
      Rodithia Holloman
    • Department Head for Golf Course Management
      Alan Manley
    • Department Head for Horticulture
    • Department Head for Paralegal Studies
      Joseph Pride
    • Instructor for Barbering
      Kendrick Walker
    • Instructor for Basic Law Enforcement
      Brian Jones
    • Instructors for Cosmetology
      Blake Davis
      Linda Walker
    • Instructors for Culinary Arts
      Drexel Clark
      Laura Castillo Martinez
    • Instructor for Early Childhood Care & Education
      Shirnita Rucker
      Gena Sapp
      Caroline Sowell
    • Instructor for Horticulture
      Leah Bryant
+Administrative Services
  • Vice President
    Sherrick Johnson
    • Chief for Campus Police and Security
      Michael Anchor
    • Custodial Supervisor and Mailroom Clerk
      Robert Willis
    • Director for Accounting
      Sonya Ellis
    • Director for Facilities
      Chris Gay
    • Director for Human Resources
      Shannon Patterson
+Accounting/Business Office
  • Director
    Sonya Ellis
    • Accounting Technician
    • Accounts Payable
      Valerie Askew
    • Assets and Facilities Manager
      Elaine Keller
    • Bookstore Manager
      Tony Golding
    • Business Operations Analyst
      Lagaile Jones
    • Fiscal Analyst
      Yolonda Burley
    • Purchasing Technician
      Natia Bolton
    • Student Accounts Manager
      Lakeia Smith
+Campus Store
  • Bookstore Manager
    Tony Golding
+Student Accounts
  • Director for Accounting
    Sonya Ellis
    • Manager
      Lakeia Smith
    • Assistant
    • Cashier
      Zyiqueta Scott
+Campus Police and Security
  • Chief
    Michael Anchor
    • Sergeant
      Jerri Jennings-Joly
      • Campus Police Officers
        David Barrios
        Freddie Gavin
        Robert Kearney
    • Security Personnel
      T'Keyah Johnson
+Environmental Services
  • Custodial Supervisor and Mailroom Clerk
    Robert Willis
    • Custodians
      Candace Adams
      Rubenia English
      Jackie Givens
      Carlos Goodwin
      Fredrick Myers
      George Norman
      Patsy Pearson
      Leroy Perry
      Ellis Siegler
+Grounds and Maintenance
  • Director for Facilities
    Chris Gay
    • Maintenance Supervisor
      • Groundskeeper
        Christopher Brown
      • HVAC Technician
        Chris Pittman
      • Maintenance Technicians
        Hunter Rowe
        Melvin Usry
+Human Resources
  • Director
    Shannon Patterson
    • Coordinator
      Patrice Farmer
    • Assistant
      Keisha George
    • Payroll Specialist
+Economic Development
  • Vice President
    Mrs. Julie Langham
    • Administrative Assistant for Economic Development
      Briana Brown
    • Dean for Adult Education
      Angela Moseley
    • Director for Continuing Education and Workforce Training
      Alejandra Miles
    • One-Stop Coordinator
      Shannon Alexander
      Andrea Barnes
+Adult Education
  • Dean
    Angela Moseley
    • Administrative Assistant
      Mary Morning
    • Admissions Assistant
      Velinsie Ware
    • Adult Literacy Teachers
      Charlene Crane
      Tara Jenkins
      James Bostock
      Mashekia Turner
    • Adult Literacy Teacher - ESL
      Kimberly Kirsten
    • Instructional Coordinator
      Rekayl Simpkins
    • Transition-Career Services Coordinator
      Kimberly Cobb
+Continuing Education and Workforce Training
  • Director
    Alejandra Miles
    • Testing and Training Specialist
      Lakeshia Moore
+One-Stop Center
  • One-Stop Coordinator
    Shannon Alexander
    Andrea Barnes
+Community Engagement and Public Affairs
  • Director
    Kimberly Holden
    • Marketing Coordinator
    • Event Coordinator
      Lauren Smith
+Institutional Advancement
  • Vice President
    Cheryl Ciucevich
    • Foundation Operations Manager
      Latoshia Carter
+Student Affairs
  • Vice President
    Dr. Nichole Spencer
    • Director for Financial Aid
      Cicely Harpe
    • Director for Career & Counseling Services
      Donna Wendt
    • Director for Student Activities
      Brian Roberts
    • Director for Enrollment Services
      Christine Ball
    • Registrar
      Melissa Burch
+Off-Campus Instructional Site Operations
  • Vice President for Student Affairs
    Dr. Nichole Spencer
    • Site Director (Grovetown Site)
      Julie Carter
    • Site Director (Thomson Site)
      Jeanette Lowe
    • Site Director (Waynesboro Site)
      Gregory Coursey
+Grovetown/Columbia County
  • Site Director
    Julie Carter
    • Admissions Assistant
      Shekedra Meyers
    • Custodian
    • Groundskeeper
      Kevin Washington
    • Student Affairs Assistant
      Monica Jones
+Thomson/McDuffie County
  • Site Director
    Jeanette Lowe
    • Accounting Technician
      Kim McCord
    • Admissions Assistant
    • Custodian
      Janice McNair
    • Maintenance Technician
+Waynesboro/Burke County
  • Site Director
    Gregory Coursey
    • Admissions Assistant
      Karen Hughes
    • Custodians
    • High School Coordinator
      Jan Blackburn
    • Maintenance Technician
      Robert Rutledge
+Career Services
  • Director
    Donna Wendt
    • Academic/Career Counselor
      Amy Laughter
    • Disability/Special Needs Counselor
      Karissa Wright
    • Special Populations Coordinator
      Bonita Jenkins
+Enrollment Services
  • Director
    Christine Ball
    • Academic Advising Coordinator
      Artavia Littlejohn
    • Academic Advisor
      Natasha Williams
    • Assistant Director for Admissions
      Jade Ball
    • Recruiter/High School Coordinators
      Brikkel Rucker
      Quentin White
    • Student Affairs Assistant
      Hannah Mosley
      Jennifer Sturgis
    • Student Affairs Coordinator & Military Services
      Migdaliz Berrios
    • Testing Specialist/Admissions
+Financial Aid
  • Director
    Cicely Harpe
    • Assistant Director
      Latoya Ward
    • Financial Aid Navigators
      Cornell Scales
    • Financial Aid Technicians
      Colby Richardson
      Esperanza Wakely
+Student Records
  • Registrar
    Melissa Burch
    • Assistant Registrar
      Warnisha Brown
    • Registrar Office Assistant
      Kaylei Martin